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"One Percent" is a story about a young woman's life where she travels to the depths of her inner most personal experiences that shaped and defined the broken woman she was becoming. The first of her battles began with her birth to two drug-addicted/alcoholic parents where she was given days to live that led to a lifelong search for peace, acceptance, and love. 


As she ages, her life takes many unexpects turns and those who are supposed to love her most give their ultimate test of betrayal one by one, leaving permanent scars on her body and her mind. With a distorted view of love, battles with mental health, and self-damaging insecurities due to her being neglected, doubted, and abused, she was forced to carry those burdens alone and take on the heaviest charges faced among members of her family. 


This is a story that aims to inspire anyone, who like this young woman have been stereotyped, categorized or downtrodden by being within the small percentage of people who were dealt unfair hands in life. Nonetheless, the experiences I am about to share exemplify the major propability of how triumphant one can be while coming from such a diminutive percentage of people. Striving for excellence, to be understood, and to open my heart to all of my readers, I hope that her story impacts you in a positive and uplifting way. Open your minds and spirits as I indulge you in the life of the one percent.

One Percent

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