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"An Opened Heart: Love, Life & Blackness" is a three-part collection of poetry that examines the journey of literary and wholistic therapy. It is with great belief that we, as spiritual beings, are compiles of a variety of informants, including (but not limted to) our love languages, our life complexities and ultimately our cultural indulgences. Notwithstanding the turmoil that each compoment is sure to bring, An Opened Heart is a direct reflection of a lifelong broken heart finding solace in solidarity and cultural edification.


Love - The cavity of our beings that is meant ot be explored and mastered primarily within. It is the connectivity of one spirit to another. It shines like a light and when used in vain, tranforms into the darkness that kills humankind.


Life - The heartbeat and breath within our bodies giving source to our purpose. It is the journey from heaven to hell on earth and back to a place of the spirit's home. When it is lived with resolve among others, it brings others to their divinity.


Blackness - The orgin color of infinity, the most dominant of all faces and where our past Gods & Goddesses dwell. When one is enamored in the truth of its roots, they become a definite threat to society and must protect their body, mind & spirit at all times. 

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An Opened Heart: Love, Life & Blackness

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